Yoga Practice


KRUActive is the leading provider of home fitness. We work with some of the worlds best instructors, producers and fitness studios to provide you with the most inspiring workouts and live stream classes to help you achieve your goals. We are a community. We help and inspire each other by following each others workouts, setting or taking part in challenges and encouraging you to upload your own workouts for others to follow.

We Are Innovative:

As a leader in innovation, we are the only system providing a truly immersive option for fitness to be used literally anywhere. Best part about KRU? You do not need any expensive hardware. You can use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to live stream or download videos and do it all on any fitness machine. Whether you have an indoor bike, rower, treadmill or a simple yoga mat we got you covered!

With off-line usage, you will never need dedicated wi-fi. KRU goes with you anywhere so feel free to do yoga on the beach, or strength train tucked away somewhere in your favorite getaway cabin!

KRU Is here For YOU on ANY equipment

No matter where you are in the world we all can agree that fitness needs to be easily accessible and motivational. Whether you're in the gym, at home, traveling on business or on holiday KRUActive has the largest collection of virtual cycling, running and rowing experiences in our ultimate workout library that you can use anywhere. 

With our KRU Active mobile solution we have personalized and the ability to give you the full opportunity to decide your own fitness plan without the use of WiFi connection.

What is Available to You?

  • 1400+ classes, running, rowing and riding as well as everything else - yoga, HIIT, group ex, etc...

  • Classes in multiple languages

  • World class instructors delivering classes from leading content providers

  • Apps on iOS & Android

  • In-App download for a zero buffering.

  • A web portal for your smart TV and computer

What ever it is that you need, let The KRU be your one stop shop for all of your fitness dreams.