Mountain Biking by the Lake


As world leaders in virtual fitness we deliver a premium quality virtual class library of over 1,400 videos that bring the greatest leading fitness workouts, ambassadors and brands right to your studio 24/7.  Our technology enables you to expand your group exercise timetable, engage members, increase retention, have an avenue for income and boost studio utilization.

No Dedicated Wifi Required 

You'll love our off-line usage. You will never need dedicated wi-fi or expensive hardware to give your members the ultimate virtual experience of cycling through the woods or rowing down an exciting river. We know there is something for every member on the KRUActive on-demand platform. You can use any touch screen phone or tablet to deliver the world’s best virtual fitness content anywhere, anytime.

All you need to do is plug and play on any and all existing screens in your facility.


Fitness today must be on-demand, no matter where your member might be, in the gym, at home, traveling on business or on holiday.

KRU has the largest collection of cycling, running & rowing videos that we believe are the ultimate engagement tools for your members right on the gym floor. No matter what your fitness goals, we are here to help you get there.

KRUActive mobile: connects you with consumers anytime & anywhere. Our personalized and adaptive mobile solutions gives you the ability to fully decide your own digital fitness strategy.

  • Any budget (including free)

  • Any Strategy (engagement, retention, loyalty or income generation)

  • Any Brand (your brand, develop a sub brand, use KRU)

Your members can enjoy:

  • 1,400+ classes, running, rowing and riding as well as everything else

  • Classes in multiple languages

  • World class instructors delivering classes from leading content providers

  • Branded apps on iOS & Android

  • In-App download for a zero buffering solution.

  • Add a web portal to your website – a simple wi-fi based solution.


 The future is here!

Increase the reach of your brand by streaming classes live! Your talented instructors will improve member engagement and retention. 

KRU’s live streaming technology enables you to record and stream live exercise classes or PT sessions from your studio to anywhere – your other sites, your members phones and tablets or to a global audience! We will even record and save the streamed workout for you so you can build your own library of content.

With KRU, you decide your level of investment and technology. Our live streaming technology works with most any camera, from GoPro to the most expensive 8K camera’s out there – even your mobile phone (though we wouldn’t recommend it).

Our team of experts are on hand to help set you up with your existing hardware or recommend the best set up for your budget.

Benefits to You

- Increase revenue

- Reach a new, non-gym going audience by offering a low-initimidation, out-of-club virtual club package

- Develop a new revenue stream with digital-only and/or hybrid memberships

- Increase relationships with members, better engagement, increased retention